We Want to Celebrate Your Birthday, Don't You!
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  • Buy 1  and Get 1 Jar of Free Body Scrub ONLY during Your Birthday Month. We Want You To have a Skin Delicious Birthday!


  • DID YOU ALREADY PURCHASE BODY SCRUB FROM US THIS YEAR? IF YES, YOU ARE READY TO REGISTER. SEE BELOW (i.e. Email us so we can make you skin delicious this birthday)
  • IF YOUR ANSWER IS NO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? You need to buy some body scrub (outside of this offer)  in order to get this promotion. Then you can email us the information below. We hope to hear back from you soon. 


Email us (Info@mikiosnaturalbodyscrub.com) the following information: 


  • Add in subject line of email (It is my Birthday)
  • Full name 
  • Birthday month
  • Cell number
  • Wait for us to text you a confirmation 
  • You will then be registered and ready to get the special during your birthday month.

Note: (Please read)

  • Must send us an email with all of the requested information prior to using this birthday special
  • Must have previously purchased body scrub from us during the same year (and used the same name)
  • Limited to items listed in this category
  • This offer comes with Two Jars of  body scrub (1.2 lbs each), total weight of 2.4 lbs and a Birthday Card. 
  • You may only have one birthday per year :)
  • We do not sell or distribute your information. It is only used for Mikios Natural Body Scrub LLC, Birthday Special.


  • Item #: BirthdayMonth2017
  • Manufacturer: Mikios Natural Body Scrub®
  • Condition: New

Celebrate Your birthday! -- Buy 1 & Get 1 Free (Read Conditions)

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